I’ve Been Wanting One of These For a Long Time & Found an Amazing Tutorial!

When I saw this I thought this is it!  This is what I’ve been looking all over the internet and what I was finding just wasn’t exactly what I wanted. So, decided to build one when I saw this tutorial! I’m so proud of myself and how much money I saved.  This way I got to make it exactly how I wanted it!

I’ve wanted a bench for the end of our bed for what seems like forever. But they were always too short, too wide, ugly pattern etc.
I really wanted to do a DIY post for y’all because this is so easy guys! I was eyeing a bench on Overstock that I kept putting in my cart. It was too small and too wide for the end of our bed. We modified ours quite a bit by making it much longer & using the poplar like he used. Poplar is a good sturdy wood that a lot of furniture is made of.

This also makes for a great window bench to curl up and read a book on.  It’s got padded arm rests, which makes it comfy. I love the charming look about this bench and it makes it even more wonderful to me because I made it!  There’s something to say about that, for sure!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can see how this fabulous bench is made!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook so they can make one too!

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