I’ve Never Seen or Heard of Anyone Making One of These! BRILLIANT!

What?  Never have I or would I have thought of doing this!  When I saw this it made me think of my Bluegrass state I was born in and how good it would have felt to have one of these when I was growing up!

Here’s your solution to a concrete courtyard! Many times people buy condos that don’t have a nice big grass yard for you to occasionally go out side and lay down in.  This is a huge solution to that problem! On a nice cool day or evening, laying out and looking up at the sky, what could be more relaxing than this grass day bed?  This looks so nice placed out in your courtyard with the wood and grass to give a nice contrast to the concrete and it’s quite the conversation piece as well!

Now, another option you might not have thought of is that if you don’t have a place for your little dog to do its business, you could make one of these strictly for this purpose, rather than a place for you to lay.  This way you aren’t confined to walking him all the time. Genius!  Plus you’ve got a fabulous planter to add some pops of color to your place!

Watch this step by step tutorial and be on your way to making your own grass day bed for yourself or for Fido!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!  They’ll be happy you did!





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