Keep Mosquitos Away, While Giving Your Outdoor Space A Little Country-Inspired TLC


I love having big gatherings outdoors with the whole gang gathered around our fire pit and picnic tables talking and laughing. That is, until the mosquito’s join the party. We’ve had to abandon plenty of perfectly beautiful evenings in the outdoors thanks to these little critters, and I know we’re not alone in that. I have bought citronella candles that do and don’t work to varying degrees, but I was never completely satisfied with anything I tried. That’s why I decided to make this easy natural mosquito repellent candle to burn at our next barbecue.

This natural version of a citronella candle is much less harsh on the eyes and skin. Plus you can make as many of these candles as you want to at very minimal cost. All you’ll need are some lemons and/or limes, rosemary sprigs, eucalyptus oil, water, floating tea candles, and a couple of mason jars. Not only will this keep the mosquitos at bay, but it smells delightful as well. I’ve done you all the favor of testing these homemade candles¬†out for you, and I will say that I am more satisfied with the results of these than any of the store bought citronella ones I’ve tried.

I have seen many versions of this and so far have only tried adding a few drops of lemongrass oil to the mix (which makes the scent more strong, but doesn’t seem to have an effect on the powerfulness of the candle). What are your favorite additions or recipes for homemade mosquito repellent candles? Please share yours in the comments section below the video!

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