Saturday, December 2

Kinetic Sand Is The Rage And Expensive Too — Save Money With This DIY Kinetic Sand At Home!

Karina Garcia shows us three different options for making kinetic sand. Apparently you need to play with the recipe a bit, in order to get this stuff to the right texture, but the ingredients are so inexpensive, it’s not a big deal.

Kids love this, but adults enjoy playing with it too! There are a lot of different ways to make kinetic sand and a bazillion tutorials, but this one was more like the kinetic sand they sale online for a lot of money!

My daughter wanted kinetic sand for Christmas this year, but the prices are so high!  Even moon sand is expensive, and the glow sand is even more! That’s when I went online to search a DIY tutorial to make this stuff.

If you did your research and checked out the prices for kinetic sand, online, this stuff is crazy expensive! For example, 2.2 pounds of Kinetic Sand on Amazon costs about $17.  At local stores near me, such as Michael’s, it’s more than that. Plus, figure that we’re making 10 lbs and 50 lbs in the tutorial below.  Not that you would buy 50 lbs at that rate, but 2 lbs? Come on, that’s not much sand!!  5 cups is 10 lbs, so 2 lbs is a cup? A cup of sand?? If you bought 10 lbs on Amazon (and technically you’d need 5 packages, so it would be 11 lbs), it’d run you about $85.  If you bought 50 lbs (or 50.6 lbs because you’d need 23 packages), you’d pay a whopping $391.  Not exactly a bargain. So, you can see why I’m excited!

Watch how Karina makes this popular sand in her step by step tutorial so you and your kiddos can have fun playing with this over the holidays!


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