Learn How to Make These Exquisite & Easy Felt Roses!

Who doesn’t love flowers?  I made a bunch of these and sewed them on a denim pillow for my bedroom…the pillow is simply luscious and so feminine!  When I learned how to make these flowers it led me to wanting to learn how to make all kinds of different flowers. If you just start somewhere, you never know where it’ll take you next!  There are so many wonderful tutorials, online, that taught me how to make an abundance of amazing colorful flowers!  I’ve made so many gifts for my friends and family since learning how to make flowers and they just love them!

I taught my 11 yr. old granddaughter how to make these and she’s going to town making roses! I believe she’s ready to learn how to sew now.  She loves craft projects and hand stitches things she wants sewn. She recently hand sewed the cutest owl!  She has expressed a desire to learn how to sew on the sewing machine, so it’s really going to fun teaching her how to use a sewing machine!

Watch this simple tutorial and learn how to make these exquisite roses!

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