Thursday, November 30

Learn How to Reupholster An Old Chair With Your Favorite Fabric

Mark, with Make Your Mark does it again! I had no idea that reupholstering a chair could be so easy! Now, you may think this fabric is too bright or wild for your decor, but you can pick any fabric you like to do this great DIY project! I actually love this Boho look that he does.

This is a great tutorial for learning how to reupholster a chair in a quick, easy and inexpensive way. Reupholstering your favorite chairs can give it a new life and it is a great way to match old chairs with and updated room theme too!

We all have them… that old chair you can’t stand to throw out, but also can’t stand to look at. Either its fabric could win an ugly chair contest, or it is in such bad shape it looks like it just got rescued from a back alley.

Whether you want to transform your latest thrift store find, or want to bring yours Grandmother’s antique chair into a new generation, you will now have all the instructions you need on how to reupholster a chair. Save big bucks over paying to have it done with this tutorial.

I’ve always had the desire to attempt the process of reupholstering a chair.

After seeing this tutorial, I was on-board.  My mission of finding a chair had started.  I needed to bring some color into my living room and an accent piece to go with my new sofa. I’m so happy with my results and simply love the way my living room looks with the new addition!

Watch how Mark Montano cleverly covers these chairs in his step by step tutorial and you can get busy covering that old chair that needs a face lift!

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