Little Red Riding Hood & Zombie Mommy and Baby Family Halloween Costumes

I’ve been working the last few days, on creating a roundup for Treehouse TV’s Parent’s Blog on my favorite family Halloween costumes. Combing through Pinterest for “The Best of The Best” has me thinking of our own family Halloween costumes of the past.

Last year, Turtle was 4 months old at Halloween. I wanted to have him snug as a bug in his Moby Wrap, but had a hard time thinking of a Halloween costume that would allow me to do so. Inspired by this mommy and baby zombie costume on Pinterest I created the above costume. Turtle ADORED Halloween last year (look how teeny he is!!!) He was all smiles and giggles. It was a fun way for him and I to be close, but for him to still enjoy Halloween. The Hubs dressed up as a zombie too. Bean went as a princess. I wish I had a photo of the 4 of us but somehow it didn’t happen.

Bonus Entry 1. Little Red Riding Hood

3 Halloweens ago, The Hubs, Bean and I went as Little Red Riding Hood. Bean was Little Red, The Hubs was the wolf in granny’s clothing and I was the woodsman who saved Little Red. It was a really fun Halloween costume and I thought I looked smashing with stubble on my face. 😉

We haven’t yet decided what we are dressing up as this year? Have you? I feel expectations to make this Halloween more creative than ever to share with you all. What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes from past years?


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