Look At The 8 Brilliant Things She Makes Out Of Recycled Jeans!

The biggest thing that drew me to this tutorial was the precious apron DIY Nikol & Alexandra make, but then as I watched their tutorial, I was amazed at the other cool things they made, besides with this cool apron! But, I had to make this darling apron first…I flipped over it!

I have a ton of old jeans that, for some reason, I haven’t been willing to part with…perhaps because I think I might need them if I gain or lose weight! I think I have a whole array of sizes in my closet! I figured it was about time that I did something different with them, other than let them hang there and gather dust. Besides, a dime won’t fit between my clothes!

Your old jeans are perfect for a multitude of recycle projects. You too must be finding it difficult to get rid of your denim but if someone gives you a few creative ideas like this then who would not do it?

One of the things she makes is the easiest and cutest pin cushion. Nothing like a some accents of denim in your sewing room. Little things like this are not only functional, but they add some flair to your sewing space.

In Nikol & Alexandra’s step by step tutorial they show you 8 easy DIY projects to use some of your old jeans for and it makes more sense that you watch it, rather than listen to me describe each of them!




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