Look What Happens When They Put These Together (The Finished Quilt Is Unbelievable!)

There’s nothing that makes me more sentimental than these lovelies that have been passed down in our family.  My Mother machine stitches the name of the person and the date she made each one of hers and it’s such a personal touch! Lord only knows how many quilts she has turned out! I have a few of her handmade treasures and they are my favorite things that I own.

This knockout quilt caught my eye, when I saw this darling quilted sewing machine, as I was scrolling through the internet tutorials.  I just had to share this with you! Wait till you see the rest of it! The Fat Quarter Shop named this quilt “Sew On & Sew On”…a cute little pun and so appropriate!

I love the crisp look of this quilt, and the brilliance behind it! These ladies out did themselves. My Grandmother was a big quilter, as well as my Mother. I’ve started out slowly with beginner quilts and my goal is to make something this fabulous! So, if you are a beginner, check out some of the Youtube tutorials and get busy learning.  It’s not the monster I thought it would be and you’ll be very surprised at how easy some of those quilts are!  The more you make the better you get! I’ve found that if I just start somewhere, it always leads to the next thing and before I know it, I’m making what I thought I couldn’t!

Watch this awesome sewing tutorial and get pumped about making a quilt that is sure to impress!








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