Thursday, December 7

MacKenzie Childs Inspired Art Deco Bird Bath Created Out of Terra Cotta Pots!

This hand painted bird bath of terra cotta pots is spectacular! What a wonderful way to brighten up a yard!  This is such a clever way to make a bird bath.  These pots can be painted any way you want them and you can paint more than one bird bath!  I chose to paint mine like the photo used in this post.  It’s absolutely lovely! For a cool weekend project that you will have fun making and get to enjoy for years, it does not get much better than this handpainted DIY birth bath. Get creative and you will be surprised how cool yours turns out, even when it does not look exactly like the photo. I used pastels and whites on mine and it just make be the prettiest thing I’ve ever made. My birds certainly seem to think so and my neighbors have also commented a few times and asked where I got it.

My Mom had an old bird bath and I surprised her with one like this!  She was SO surprised and happy!  Maybe you can do one for your Mother too!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can see how they put these pots together to make this clever bird bath!  Check out the easy to follow video tutorial and learn how to make this for your yard. Also, please make sure to SHARE this with your friends and family! Everyone I shared this with just loves looking at it, even if they don’t have time to make one right now.

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