Make a DIY Black Light For Your Phone with the Magic of Sharpies and Scotch Tape


Can we all just agree that black lights are fun no matter what age you are? This DIY black light for your smart phone is an awesome little life hack that can provide hours of fun and entertainment or be a handy tool when trying to spot and rid yourself of the germs in your home. So, what’s the cost you ask? It’ll run you a roll of Scotch tape and two sharpies. That’s about 3 bucks from your local dollar store, and I’d venture to guess that most of you already have these two supplies in your home.

This black light makes an awesome glow in the dark party addition as it will make all your glowing party decor, favors, face paint and everything else that’s decorated for the theme spring to life in all it’s ultraviolet glory. It’s also a great party activity for teens that have neon or glow in the dark party themes. My teen daughter and her friends had a blast making these at a sleepover we hosted a couple weeks ago. They took about a hundred pictures of themselves with glow in the dark paint on their faces and the black light effect was really cool. I’ve found it’s pretty easy to gauge how much teens are having¬†by how many pictures they take of whatever activity they’re doing, so I’d call the smart phone DIY black light a smashing success!

If you want to use the UV effect for hygienic purposes, that’s completely understandable¬†too. There’s a little bit of a germaphobe in all of us and I sleep better at night knowing those glowing germs lie peacefully in the bottom of a dumpster somewhere instead of my home. Take photos of whatever spots you’re concerned about to get the best idea of where to scrub.

Either way you decide to use the black light it’s a do-it-yourself project that’s as cheap and easy as they come. Follow along with the step by step instructions in the video below to make your own in a matter of minutes!

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