Thursday, December 7

Make An Easy Decor Item With Silk Petals, Mirror, Popsicle Sticks And Gold Spray Paint!

There are so many fabulous DIY projects that are incredibly cheap to make, but look like they came with a big price tag. This project is definitely one of those and there’s absolutely no reason to have bare walls in your home. This costs next to nothing to make!

When I ran across this stunning mirror I got pretty excited about it! I don’t get excited about all of the DIY projects I see. I might add that I see a lot of them and I’m pretty picky about what I want in my home.

I made one of these pretty quickly after seeing this tutorial. It takes no time at all to make and was super inexpensive…my favorite kind of projects! After making this mirror for my home, a couple of my friends saw it and wanted one. I knew exactly what I would make them for their upcoming birthdays!

Now I have an easy and cheap gift idea for future birthdays, house warming gifts and wedding gifts. I love it when I find something that’s quick, easy and cheap that I can give as gifts and know that it will be loved and appreciated!

Check out the attached tutorial for step by step instructions so you can get started making one of these fabulous mirrors too!



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