Make These Fun And Quirky Monster Dolls Out of Your Leftover Scraps!

This is a great DIY project to do with all of your left over scraps! Not only are these cool gifts to give to kids, but the big kid in you will have to have at least one!

I flipped over how cute these dolls are, after seeing Mark Montano’s tutorial. I had to have some for a bench I have in my home. They’re irresistible! But, first, I made some of these for my grandchildren. They went nuts over them and my little granddaughter sleeps with hers every night…it’s never too far away from her either.

If you have some old sweaters, these look darling made out of those too! I saw some really cute ones on Pinterest that were made out of recycled sweaters and that’s when I remembered this great sweater that I’d hung onto. At one timeĀ it had been pretty popular. It was a really busy looking sweater with stripes and embroidered flowers on it. It was perfect for making one of these…as a matter of fact I made three of them out of this sweater. It was a long sweater, so there was plenty of fabric, with some left over for a smaller doll.

Watch how Mark Montano, with Make Your Mark, makes these in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making them too!

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