Make Your Next Favorite Quilt In An Hour

Quilting is so much fun, but super time consuming. You have to cut all the blocks, add your batting, sew them back together, add your border, and sew everything together, usually stitching a design along the way. I love quilting, but sometimes I want instant gratification. I don’t want to spend weeks, days, or even hours on a quilt. Sometimes, I want one fast.

YouTuber Darlene Michaud came up with a solution by putting a twist on a classic rag quilt. A lot of people use one solid color or pattern in their quilts anyway, so why spend the time cutting blocks when you don’t have to? Darlene’s method takes an hour in total, much less than any other quilt I’ve done in the past.

The end result is super warm and cozy. Since it’s only one color or pattern, it instantly matches whatever room you want it to. It completes any bedspread you can think of, you can sleep with it every night for years, and you’ll have it done in an hour.

I love this quilt so much that I’m planning on making a few for some friends and family. Are you going to do the same thing? Show us in the comments and share this awesome quilting hack with your friends!


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