Saturday, December 2

Makeup Artist Shows Us Contour Tips Based On Famous Celebrity’s Look (Watch!)

Contouring and highlighting is every makeup enthusiast’s secret weapon. When done right, you can drastically change or enhance the appearance of your facial features. Want more prominent cheek bones? Contour! Want a sharp jaw line? Contour!

The key to a successful contour is finding the right spots on your face to apply either the contouring or highlighting product. This is will be different for everyone, because everyone is unique in their own way!

Many of you may or may not like learning new makeup tips, but I’m assuming if you’ve read this far, you’re interested!  This will give your best, most attractive look, and I’m all about this! Contouring can make a world of difference in your appearance, and even change to look of a nose that’s too long or too wide. I think it’s remarkable what you can disguise with these contouring tips!

Now, I know that some of you are saying…”oh gosh, Kim Kardashian”, but, whether you love her or have a great dislike for her, you’ve gotta admit that you wouldn’t mind looking like her or having some of her makeup tips. I know that I did and have been practicing these tips, since seeing this tutorial. I’ve gotta admit, it does make a big difference in my appearance.

I’ve heard that our noses and ears grow as we age and I think that’s true, since my nose seems wider than it was in my younger years. The contouring I’ve learned about has really helped give me the appearance of having a narrower nose…and it makes you look younger!

Watch how Wayne Goss does this famous actress’s makeup contouring tip, so you can achieve the same look, in his step by step tutorial. It’s very interesting!




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