Man Cuts Down An Old Dresser, Easily Upcycling It Into A Fabulous Piece Of Furniture!

Stop! Don’t throw away that old dresser until you see what this clever man does with this old dresser!

He said he found an old dresser that was being thrown away and saw potential in it. He asked if he could load it into the back of his truck. The previous owners didn’t understand why he would want their trash but let him have it anyway. He cut it down, painted it, and turned it into a window seat.

This just goes to show you that another man’s trash can be someone’s treasure, right? And, I’m so guilty of taking old pieces of furniture, that are sitting by dumpsters, and turning them into something grand and fabulous. They are some of my favorite pieces too! I originally think I’ll paint them to sale and end up keeping them because I fall in love with how they look finished. I’m always amazed!

You always hear that cats have 9 lives, well, some pieces of furniture get to live on and on too! So, think twice before getting rid of old furniture that you think has seen it’s better days. It can be turned into something wonderful!

Watch how Robert Dailey transforms this old dresser in his step by step tutorial so you will know how to do this cool farmhouse window seat too!



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