Marvelous And Stunning Poppy Pillows You Must Have To Make A Room Pop With Color!

Make bold, graphic poppy pillows in no time with this simple technique! I love this Poppy Pillow and how the red pops on the┬áblack and white stripes! They really pack a punch! After watching Mark Montano’s tutorial, I simply HAD to make these pillows!

I have a thing for poppies to begin with, but when I saw these pillows I flipped over them! I have poppies as accents throughout my home…just love them! If you have a room that’s painted yellow or gold, these pillows look magnificent with yellow. Although, I can see these pillows with many different colors or on an all white sofa in a white room, for some vibrant color to make the room pop!

I gotta say that Mark Montano of Make Your Mark, comes up with some fabulous DIY projects! You can always count on him to bring vivid colors into everything he does. Right up my alley!

Not only do these pillows look great on a living room or den sofa, but they look delightful on a patio chair or sofa. They add a lot of flair to wherever they are.

Watch how Mark Montano of Make Your Mark makes this stunning pillows in his step by step tutorial so you can get busy making yours!


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