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Mason Jars Are Popular And She Introduces A Different Type Of Mason Jar That’s Fascinating (Watch!)

I fell in love with this idea when I first saw a photo of this on Pinterest! I think it’s such a cool DIY project, since I love Mason jars…anything with Mason jars to be exact!

If you haven’t tried string art, you’re missing out. String art is very popular and fun. It’s inexpensive, easy and offers endless options. It is a great way to express your creativity. You can make many different shapes with many different colors. With 50 nails and a ball of thread, you can get creative and materialize some amazing pieces of art, like this Mason jar with the flowers that will brighten your home and let you unleash your inner DIY guru! The results are so impressive everyone will think you’re a crafting genius.

I hung one of these in my kitchen and it is quite the conversation piece. I’ve had to teach a few of my friends how to make one since making mine!

I’ve been thinking about doing a big long one with several mason jars on it and different types of silk flowers in them. I saw a picture on Pinterest with several of these lined up and boom, an idea was born! I guess that’s how we get our big ideas…one thing leads to another. That’s the wonderful thing about DIY projects. I never do one that I don’t think of 20 more that I want to do!

Watch how Sugar Bee Crafts makes this darling Mason jar, with string art, in her step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these too!



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