Mini Mason Jar Lanterns Are The Newest DIY Craze

As far as Mason Jar DIY candle holders go, these are delightfully rustic mini versions of many of the other mason jar lighting projects out there. I just love how customizable these adorable little lanterns are. Add a little burlap, some lace, and a few pops of color to these homemade mason jar lights and hang them around your home to add a cozy glow. Fire up a tealight or use a battery operated faux light to make these DIY lanterns fill your home with twinkly charm.

I’ve seen these used in country weddings as decor hung around the event and given out as wedding favors. Such a simple, but sweet idea! In addition to being part of your wedding decor, if you fill these mason jar lanterns with citronella tea candles double as the perfect way to keep bugs away from your special day. Of course, these aren’t only handy for weddings, but can be strewn around your home or backyard to add a little rustic elegance to your decor any time of the year.

Follow this easy step by step tutorial to make these DIY mason jar lanterns with a few craft supplies and less than an hour of your time. Choose different varieties of laces or ribbon and a rainbow of colors to make your DIY hanging lanterns all your own.


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