Mother And Daughter Put Their Hands In A Solution To Make This Really Cool Keepsake

Raising kids is a lot of work, but before you know it they’re all grown up — heading off to school, going on their first date, and getting ready to move out.

Photos and home movies are great ways to preserve that short time between birth and adulthood for future generations, but why not add something a little different… like a family hand-casting made from gypsum!

It’s absolutely phenomenal what you can do with this stuff! And, it’s also amazingly easy to do!

I got so excited when I saw this DIY project and couldn’t wait to do this with my little granddaughter, so I could have the imprint of her little hand permanently set for all time. I proudly display it in my home and it’s one of my very favorite pieces…I simply cherish it and always will.

This is an awesome thing for a newly married couple to do.  I also saw a hand casting of a mother, father and their child’s hands…so sweet!

I think the most interesting one that I saw on Pinterest was a hand holding their dog’s paw! What a fabulously sweet keepsake to have of your canine friend!

Watch how this gal with Cleverly does this cool project in her step by step tutorial…it’s so much fun!



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