Never Lose Track Of A Drink Again With These Easy DIY Koozies

Love sewing little things to use in your kitchen and think you’ve probably made every good idea possible? Well, we’ve all made our fair share of hot pads and such, but turns out one of the items I use most these days are these too cute for words koozies you can sew using just two fabrics, Insulbright, iron on lining and Velcro. Best news of all, they are reversible.

It is a really easy sewing tutorial, no serious sewing skills required. You basically cut rectangles of all the fabrics and linings in the same size, sew until almost closed, then turn inside out. Getting the fabric and lining on the right sides facing is key, so be sure you pay attention on that part. Mine took about 30 minutes each to make, but I am sure if I made more, I would get faster. I chose to do a variety of prints so people could choose a style they liked, plus it helps keep drinks from getting mixed up when you are with a group of people.

DIY Fabric Koozies Can Be Made With Any Fabric


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