New York City!!

I’m writing this from SFO. I’m sitting with Ben Blair, Olive, Oscar, Betty and June. And we are about to board a flight to New York City!!!! This is our official summer trip and we’re super excited about it.

In April 2009, after living there for eight years, we said goodbye to New York, and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge one last time. It’s almost unbelievable to me, but in that whole decade, I’m the only one who has traveled back to New York. I end up going for work once or twice a year, but no one else in the family has had any reason to go back. So strange to think about. I mean, three of our kids were born there!

I love New York. It’s an important place to me personally, and it’s definitely my favorite city in the world. It feels so strange that I haven’t shared the city with my family for so many years. The kids were so young when we left that they don’t have many memories of our time there. (These photos were taken on the Brooklyn Bridge a few weeks before we moved away — the kids are so little!)

I made a list of all the things I want to show them — my favorite places in the city, and things I know they used to love. The list is much longer than we can actually manage, but that’s okay. We’ll do as much as can and call it good. I hope they fall in love with the city again this week, and I would be delighted if they all get a chance to move there someday.

When I say no one but me has been back, I suppose there is one exception — Maude went back for the first time in June when she moved to New York for summer internships. : ) She’s working this week, but we’ll get to see her in the evenings and I look forward to seeing the city through her eyes.

Oh! And Ralph is joining us too! He has been in France for 3 weeks, but he’s flying into New York from Paris today — so we’ll all be together in the city. (My heart! Knowing we’ll all be together makes me so happy. As the kids get older, these family times become more and more rare.)

Have you ever spent time in New York? Or had the chance to take your kids? If you were headed there this week, what would be at the top of your tourist wishlist? A Broadway show? A specific restaurant? Ground Zero? What are your don’t miss New York activities? I’d love to hear.

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