No One Should Be Without These Hand Towels In Their Kitchen!

I’m crazy about these darling kitchen towels! I just love the fact that you can attach them to your refrigerator handle, oven handle, or drawer handles so they won’t fall on the floor.

I don’t know about your household, but around here you’d be hard pressed to find a hand towel! It’s not that we don’t own any, it’s just that the boys use them for everything else besides drying their hands! That is always a dilemma for me, but with these, I won’t have to deal with that anymore!

Talk about fabulous gifts for friends and family! I can’t imagine someone not loving these!

The hanging dishtowels you find at craft fairs lean towards the “country kitchen” style. When my mom said that she had seen some fabric ones and thought it would be a great Christmas gift,  it was the perfect opportunity to make something more contemporary.

Plus, check out the fabric she uses. With all the awesome fabrics available, you can go wild making these!

I liked how they turned out so much that I made a bunch more in a ton of fun food prints. Then I made some more for my sister, and anyone else I love who has a kitchen. Whenever anyone needs a housewarming gift in the future, I have a new go-to!

I saw that someone on Pinterest made some Halloween towels like these and they were adorable! Just think, you can make up some of these for all of the holiday seasons!

Watch how So Sew Easy makes these darling towels in their step by step tutorial and get busy making some of these easy hand towels!





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