No One Will Believe This Longhorn Skull Is Made of Clay

Nothing looks cooler than a cow skull hung up in a kitchen or sitting outside with some other country decor. I love how one of these instantly gives whatever space you put it in a cowboy vibe.

Maybe you don’t have immediate access to a longhorn skull, maybe you’re against using a real one, or maybe you’re looking for your next sculpting project. Regardless of reasoning, this DIY makes an awesome skull alternative.

Abby Leighton creates this with just a few cheap items: clay, spray paint, hot glue, and rope. To make a stand, you’ll need some wood and a dowel. If you want your sculpture to be a little more detailed, invest in some sculpting tools as well.

This was surprisingly simple to sculpt and the end result was totally worth it! Give Abby’s tutorial a try and let us know how yours turns out!

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