No Patriotic Holiday Should Be Without A Few Of These Easy Mason Jar Crafts on the Table

Armed with Dollar Store items and in a patriotic mood, she makes decorations for her favorite holiday! This DIY mason jar project is a little different than most of the mason jars we see for 4th of July decorations.

This project is actually easier than some of the painted patriotic mason jars I’ve seen, but they’re just as big of a hit than the painted ones! Of course, I always lean towards the easier craft projects, don’t you?

I love the combination of the twine she wraps around these jars and the colorful stars she attaches to them. Then the other cool thing about this project is that you can put candles in them and hang them from a hook or in your trees!

We have a 4th of July celebration, every year, in our neighborhood, and I always like to add something new to my 4th decorations. This is what I chose for this year, and I just love them!

It only takes a few minutes to decorate each jar, so I had these done in no time at all! I was relieved about that because I had a lot of other things to do in preparation of the holiday. I have family coming from out of town, so I have a to-do list a mile long! All you need are a few jars, some twine and some cute dollar store stars like the ones in the video.

Watch how CheapCraftyGirl makes these in her step by step tutorial! I love having these on the table at every summer party. Show your patriotism in style with this cool dollar store craft project.


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