Now This is A Clever Idea And a Solution to a Big Problem in My Household!

Who would have ever thought that PVC pipes could solve a big problem I had before discovering this solution!  This was so easy to build too!  This guy gives us thorough instructions on how to put this together and, wah lah,  now I’ve got one and it works perfectly!

I was so tired of my kids, and everyone who comes in my entry hall, leaving their shoes piled up there.  I have a rule that everyone needs to take their shoes off when they come in the door, after tracking dirt in a few times too many, so I guess I asked for it!  Now we can just slide our shoes into this convenient cubby!  I painted mine so it wouldn’t look like a sore thumb sticking out in my entryway!  If you don’t want it in your entryway, you can keep one out in your garage and have your family deposit their shoes it it when they come through the garage door.

I’m sure this would be handy for storing all kinds of things, but it works perfectly for shoes!  I can actually see one of these in a bathroom with towels rolled up in them, a child or teenager’s room or in a closet with t-shirts rolled up in them.  It creates great storage space!  The sky’s the limit!

Watch this step by step tutorial so you can make your shoe cubby or any type of cubby your hear desires!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook!  It’s too good not to!


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