Now THIS Is One For The Books And You Have To See How He Does This So You Can Do It!

Well, if this isn’t a conversation piece, I don’t know what is! With school starting soon, this would be a fun thing to make with your kids for a back to school DIY, OR make one for yourself! It would be fun to take into a meeting and slide your cell phone into the front of it, with everyone watching! I’m a born trickster so this is right up my alley and I’ve already made one! This is one way to take “boring” out of notebooks!

If your kids want to make these, it may be a good idea to supervise, so baby oil and food coloring isn’t all over everything! This is a really easy DIY and so fascinating. They just love these are are so mesmerized by them, just lay down some ground rules for poking them with sharp objects! YIKES!

I’m all about doing some fun DIY’s. Give your kids some fun Mom memories by making these. We’ve made all kinds of things from bath balls, polymer clay projects, glitter fairy jars, to this! It’s been an adventurous summer! That’s the fabulous thing about all of the Pinterest DIY’s that will fill up a bored kids summer schedule.

Watch Fimo Kawaii Emotions step by step tutorial and make your day fun with this crazy craft project!




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