Now This Is Something Everybody Needs & It’s So Easy to Make!

My daughter has one of these and it’s much larger than this one, but she has more space than I do, so this is perfect for me! I’ve been wanting to get one, but had procrastinated about looking into where to get one.  Now I have this tutorial so I can make one and a lot cheaper too!

I drip dry more than half of my clothes and needed more space for hanging things, such as my lingerie.  I have really enjoyed having these laundry racks…I made two of them, by the way!  I’ve got one on each wall in my laundry room.

This was such an easy project to make and took no time at all.  Now I don’t have clothes hanging all over the place.  I used to hang stuff on every knob and door handle close to my laundry room!

Between Pinterest and online tutorials I’m getting pretty organized, which is something that I don’t excel in, but with all the great ideas I can’t help but take advantage of them!

Watch how she makes this in this step by step tutorial and treat yourself to some relief!  Make sure to SHARE this with your friends on Facebook.  They’ll be glad you did!


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