Thursday, November 30

Now You Can Make One Of These Bright And Attractive Strip Quilts Easy!

Here’s a quilt that is as simple as sewing a straight line. That’s right … no intricate piecing or quilting, just lots and lots of straight lines. This is a wonderful beginner project and a great way to get practice while actually sewing something wonderful!

I didn’t invent this style of quilting and the idea of sewing a bunch of strips together is nothing new either. It just happens to be one of my favorite ways to quilt! In fact, I love it so much {and want others to love it too} this isn’t the first time I’ve written a tutorial on the process. It seems however that each time I sit down to make one of these quilts, it comes out just a bit different than those in the past.

I decided it would be fun to cut-up those strips and let them play with the other prints. I’m a sucker for row quilts – they are a great option for a simple, fast quilt construction and a good way to show off a variety of prints.

This fun scrappy quilt is quick to put together and great for beginners. Use lots of different colors to keep it bright and fun…or just a few colors to keep it calm and simple.

I love making these striped quilts, the cutting is therapeutic because it doesn’t require much thought (perfect after a long day of work).  Plus it allows the fabrics to really be the focal point of the design.  I love how the colors came together in the one I made, I wasn’t sure they were going to work at first.

Watch how Made by Marzipan makes this colorful strip quilt so you can get busy making one!

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