Now You Can Make This Popular And Beloved Item That Sells for $499.95 Retail!

The tutorial I’ve attached to this post has gotten over 15M views in 7 months, so it’s a pretty popular item, and now you can make it yourself!

What a grand Christmas present for some little somebody…or maybe some big somebody! This makes a really comfy lounge to lie on while watching TV or sitting on while doing homework. It’s certainly a fun thing to own. It might be a good idea to get started making one, since Christmas is right around the corner!

Totoro is a really popular animated movie and most of us know about this fun loving creature. Imagine having this big ole’ plushie in your home to lounge around on. It also makes a great place for one of your guests to sleep on!

So this pattern is for a classic roly-poly shaped plush done up just like Totoro from the animated movie My Neighbor Totoro. It looks great in either gray or blue so it looks like either the large Totoro. You can also give it a big friendly grin or leave it off and it looks equally cute.

Watch how this gal makes this big lovable plush lounge in her step by step tutorial and you can get a copy of the template by going to:

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