Now You Can Repurpose Those Single Socks And Give Them A New Life! (ADORABLE!)

Don’t we all have those socks hanging around who have lost their mate? I am of the belief that the reason we hang onto these lone socks is that we have hope that some day the other ones will turn up! Well, wait no longer. Now you can create something far more captivating than that sock shoved in a bag with no purpose!

I ran across this tutorial and decided I would stop waiting on the mate to all the socks I’ve hung onto to turn up. By repurposing these adorable little bunnies, I no longer fret over finding the mates to socks!  Every time I make a sock bunny, I fall in love! They’re just adorable… and this no-sew bunny craft tutorial makes it easy enough for anyone to spread some bunny love!

This sock craft tutorial uses an adult size sock and you can use pretty much any size or type of sock to make a no-sew rice sock bunny. You can even use various colors and/or socks with patterns. Soft toys made from socks are fairly quick to make and don’t require any sewing. What are you waiting for? Hop to it.

One of the best things about these cute little bunnies is the cost is next to nothing as there is no need to buy any supplies except perhaps a bag of rice.

I’ve made several of these for friends who have had babies and they absolutely love them! Everyone who sees these precious little jewels loves them! I actually have a couple of them perched on a shelf in my bedroom, as I’ve grown very fond of them myself!

Watch Handimania’s step by step tutorial so you can get busy making these sweet bunnies! These are wonderful to make for Easter baskets too!

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