Thursday, November 30

Oh My Gosh…Watch How He Makes A Remarkable Trumpkin-Pumpkin (Hilarious!)

To be clear, I’m not putting this up here for any controversial political remarks…I just found it to be quite amusing and wanted to share it with you!

I see politician masks every year for Halloween costumes, and you will especially see them this year, with the election so close.  So why not throw a Trump pumpkin into the mix?!

Aren’t you amazed at the ideas the DIY’ers come up with out there? I know I am! This is certainly good for a great belly laugh…whether you’re voting for Trump or Hilary, I personally think they’re both disgustingly comical. Just my opinion…

This guy makes a copy of a trump photo and cleverly draws out his pumpkin carving plan. Then he transfers it onto his pumpkin. Some of you out there enjoy these intricate pumpkins because I see some pretty spectacular carved pumpkins every year. I personally don’t have the patience for them. My hat’s off to those who do!

I haven’t run across a good Hilary pumpkin yet, but when I do, if I’m not out of time, I’ll be sure to post one. I wouldn’t want it to look like I’m leaning towards a specific candidate!

Watch how Oiko Echo does this in his clever step by step tutorial and get busy with that carving tool!

DISCLAIMER:  This post does not reflect my political preference. Also, beware, if you do display this pumpkin be prepared to be egged! LOL!


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