Saturday, December 2

Old Tire Rims Make For Creative DIY Fire Pits!

I’ve been obsessing over the idea of making a DIY fire pit for the backyard as of late, and this one made of upcycled tire rims has hooked me. I love repurposing what others might call “junk” (I prefer the term “opportunities”) into something new. I’m especially fond of upcycling items that are traditionally used for one purpose into a completely new, useful item. It’s no surprise then that the idea of using tire rims to create fire pit resonated well with me.

There are plenty of junkyards that are happy to let these tire rims go for a small fee, assuming you haven’t kept these lying around your garage as my husband has. This DIY requires no more supplies, only a couple of tools to complete the job. If you use car rims from a standard vehicle, your fire pit will be rather small, but choose truck or tractor tires for a more sizable outcome.

I personally like the small DIY fire pit so it doesn’t take up too much space, but still gives me all the warmth I need. Putting a grate on top also makes this double as an open air grill if you need some extra space for your BBQ goodies. Customize it in whichever way works best for you and your backyard!

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