Only 3 Ingredients And You Won’t Believe The Amazing Thing She Makes (Watch!)

This is a pretty clever DIY project and it’s great for kids to do too! I’m always looking for something for them to do when they’re not in school or on a rainy day. This came in really handy!

I ran across this cool idea and even though I know you can go to Michael’s to buy Textile Medium to mix with paints to make washable fabric paint, but you can also save yourself a trip and use what you have at home. Most of these things we always have on hand.

In this tutorial we experimented with making our own DIY fabric paints from acrylic paint by adding a couple of household ingredients, and came out with fabric paints that not only look fabulous, but are also washable – and we didn’t even need to set them with heat!

This project only takes three ingredients: school glue, shaving cream and paint. I don’t know what is in this combination that makes it not wash out, but it works!

Over the weekend, the kids and I visited a little craft fair. After browsing around, I was delighted to come across some very reasonably priced, hand carved, printing blocks. I knew exactly what I wanted us to use them for – to stamp on some little muslin bags we have for another project – but we need the stamped bags to be washable! This tutorial came to the rescue and we made our washable paint after we got home.

Watch how SimpleKidsCrafts makes this washable fabric paint in their step by step tutorial!





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