Outrageously Fabulous Pallet Chair… So Easy You Can Do it Yourself!

Everybody needs a chair like this for their patio!  I love finding pallets and turning these old ugly things into something spectacular!  I added some bright colored cushions to mine and it is such a rich look.  This is such an easy project and having made my own, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment.  The next thing I’m going to make is a pallet table to go with them.  My girlfriends are begging their husbands to make them one! I just jumped in and made two of these myself and it’s easier than you think. These pallet chairs would look great in a den with some rustic accoutrements, bright colored cushions and some flowers to make it pop!  I get so excited about refurbishing pieces like this.  I could just talk all day about it.  It’s a feeling of having taken part in cleaning up the earth someway!

I got to thinking that it wouldn’t be too difficult to make one of the arms of this chair a cup holder, since they are so wide, but I’ll have to get back to you on that.  Once I get started making things like this, it always leads me to think of something else creative!

In this simple tutorial you can have your own pallet chair in no time!

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