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This page lists fixed characters in Papers Please. In addition to the characters below, the game also has scripted minor encounters and procedurally generated entrants whose attributes change every playthrough. See separate articles on each day for all scripted entrants and their order.

Some of the fixed characters below may have randomized elements; for example, the name of the Antegrian whistleblower is always procedurally generated.

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Fixed Characters

NameFirst AppearanceTypeAllegiancePicture
Antegrian husband and wifeday 5, 8th and 9th entrantentrantAntegriapapers please characters
Antegrian whistleblowerday 21, 2nd entranentrant, asylum-seekerAntegria
Calensk day 9, 1st entrant non-entrant NPC, guard Arstotzka
Corman Drex day 8, 9th entrant entrant EZICpapers please characters
Compromised Arstotzkan spy day 9, 4th entrant entrant, M.O.I. agent Arstotzka papers please characters
Danic Lorun day 21, 6th entrant entrant, tourist Republia
Dari Ludum day 6, 7th entrant entrant, citizen Arstotzka
Depressed Kolechian day 25, 7th entrant entrant, transient Kolechia papers please characters
Dimitri day 10, 1st entrant non-entrant NPC, M.O.A. supervisor Arstotzka
Elisa Katsenja Day 26, 3rd entrant entrant Kolechia
EZIC messengers day 8, 5th entrant non-entrant NPC EZIC
Filipe Hasse day 13, 6th entrant entrant, citizen Arstotzka
inspector day 1 player character Arstotzka, later possibly EZIC or Obristan
Jorji Costavaday 3, 8th entrantentrantObristan (likely)
Kaevink Caullinskiday 22, 9th entrantentrantrandom
Khaled Istomday 20, 9th entrantentrantAntegria
Kordon Kalloday 27, 7th entrantentrant, diplomatKolechia

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