Passing Time, Dahlia’s, Blue Glass & Growing Gardens

It has become abundantly clear to me over the past week that time is passing much too quickly.

  • My 1 year maternity leave ended and I had to return to work, leaving both of the kids at daycare. It gave me flashbacks to when I started bring Bean to daycare when she was 1. How has the last year, not to mention 5 years passed so quickly? And how is my little girl starting kindergarten in a month and a half?
  • My 34th birthday came and went. A friend told The Hubs and I that Wee Man from Jackass was going to be at a neighborhood taco restaurant promoting their grand reopening. My husband looked Wee Man up on his phone and said “Wow! Do you know that Wee Man is 40 years old?” I was momentarily shocked until I thought about the fact that 40 is just around the corner for us too. How are The Hubs and I 34 already?
  • I had a million and 1 things to get done this weekend and only accomplished a handful of them. The weekend escaped me, to the point that I forgot about my book club meeting last night! I did have a fabulous mom’s night with a group of friends that gets together once a month, took a wonderful Saturday morning yoga class where the theme was “Play”, went for a family swim at an outdoor pool and escaped for a much needed afternoon nap curled on a reclining lawn chair on my back deck (I can’t remember the last time I took an afternoon nap, boy was it nice once I was able to let go of the guilt of all the things I should be doing.)
  • Our tomato plants have grown to be approximately 6.5-7 feet tall! Wait a second… wasn’t it yesterday that I took these pictures after having just planted the garden?

Sew Creative Garden Before

Sew Creative Garden Before 2How did my neat, tidy little garden turn into this? My tomato plants have taken over the entire garden!!! Sew Creative Garden After 3I’m very excited to see how many pounds of tomatoes we harvest from them this year! (Yes it is extremely hot here, and yes Bean is wearing a long sleeved shirt with her black leggings… What can I say, I’m letting her assert her independence and pick out her own clothes and she LOVES puppy shirts.)

Dahlias in a blue glass mason jar

This weekend Bean went with me to pick up produce at our local farmer’s stand. She saw me eyeing the dahlias and insisted that we buy this bouquet for my birthday. I have a bit of an obsession with mason jars. I ordered these beautiful Ball Jar Heritage Collection Pint Jars recently and I think they look so pretty filled with flowers. I can’t wait until my own dahlias start to bloom and I can fill my entire home with dahlias in blue glass jars.

I love mason jars so much that this week I will be doing a roundup of my favorite mason jar craft projects, so keep your eye out for it.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

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