Protect Your Car Door with this Surprising Dollar Store Item


You know that feeling when you finally get home after a long day, park in your garage and open your car door and hear a frustrating clunk on the other side? Your heart sinks and then you have to survey the damage on your car door and garage wall before making your way inside. Yes, this is me speaking from experience here. I think most of us have been there though and it is the last thing you want to deal with after a long day out of the home. This quick DIY project can be done in a matter of minutes from a couple of screws, a box cutter, and the secret supply…a pool noodle!

Since we recently got a new car, I decided to make this car door protector by following this easy step by step tutorial. Our garage is a tight squeeze to park in and our old car doors are dinged and scratched from the kids swinging them into the wall before hopping to the ground and from my husband and I being careless while trying to get groceries or ourselves out of the car as well. With this pool noodle protector, our new car doors have remained unscathed at minimum cost and effort. I’m still in awe a $3 pool noodle was the answer all along and wish I’d known this trick sooner!

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