Thursday, December 7

Quilting Idea – Snowball Quilt Tutorial

This is such a fun and easy DIY sewing project and the results will last a few lifetimes! I’m in love with this design and I made mine with navy and cream floral fabrics.

This quilt consists of two different quilt blocks and it creates a chain effect. The main fabric has to consist of a small all over fabric because when you join the blocks together you don’t see the seams.

She calls this “Sarah’s Choice”and a simple snowball block put together will give you this great looking antique quilt. It truly does have an antique appearance and I think that’s why I’m so fond of it.

You can create a quilt that combines two popular types of quilt blocks effortlessly when you piece together the Snowball Pattern. Absolutely lovely, you are going to adore creating this cute quilt.

This adorable idea would be a fantastic way to use up the leftovers from a handful of other charm pack patterns you have created.

I wish that I knew all of the different quilt patterns that my Grandmother and my Mother has made throughout the years, now that I have a greater appreciation for them. I’ve always loved quilts, but took the different patterns for granted. Oh, if I could just go back in time for a day!

Watch how Laura Coia makes this charming quilt in her step by step tutorial.

Quilting Idea – Snowball Quilt Tutorial

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