Rag Quilts Like This One Are The Perfect Sewing Project For Beginners

Rag quilts are classic. They’re pretty easy to make, use fabric scraps you have laying around, and can go with a variety of bedspreads and room themes. Anyone who claims to love sewing needs to know how to make one of these! 

Debbie with So Sew Easy has an awesome tutorial on how to make one of these babies. The top of the quilt is easily made with scrap fabric, so you can make one of these for pretty cheap. It’s perfect for beginners and should be ready to go within a few hours!

I had one of these quilts when I was a little girl. I remember how much I loved laying under it every night and how it matched all of the pink in my room. My grandmother made it for me and I still have it today. I’m so glad I know how to make them now!

Next up: making one of these for my friend’s new baby! If you want to learn how to make this simple and stylish rag quilt like I did, watch the tutorial below and let us know how it turns out! Be sure to share this with your friends, too!

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