Ravishing Repurposed Table That Catches The Eye! Easy & Inexpensive!

Are you looking for a stunning piece of furniture to add to your collection?  This one is certainly a conversation piece and so easy to make!  I love going to thrift stores and I find so many great pieces for next to nothing!  This is a way to give an old piece of furniture a new life and a new home!  I’ve been wanting some mirrored furniture, but it just isn’t in the budget right now.  This idea was a way I could get a similar type of mirrored furniture without spending an arm and a leg.  I plan on doing a dresser with these broken up CD’s too!  I’ve got plenty of old CD’s that I can use!  I also asked a friend, who was throwing out a bunch of CD’s, so now I’m set and can do a lot more of these awesome pieces!  I’m really into bling and unique looking pieces of furniture and art.  This one certainly fits the bill!

She goes to a thrift store and found a cheap end table.  She wanted to use things that she had left over from craft projects she’d previously done.  She had some left over chalk paint. She uses a foam roller, foam brush, some heavy duty scissors, wire cutters, painters tape, wood glue and a cleaning solution made from water and alcohol.  She cleaned the table because it helps the paint to adhere better, she taped off the areas that she didn’t want to paint and removed the knob from the drawer.  She uses wood glue to fix the part of the table that was broken. She started off by using a bristle brush for the first coat of paint and she used a thinner brush to paint the edges.  On the 2nd coat of paint, she switched to a foam roller and used a foam brush for those hard to reach areas…all the nooks and crannies.  She ended up using 3 coats of paint to cover up all the stains and writing. While waiting for her paint to dry she cut up the CD’s into small pieces and she shows you how to do this. She used a hot glue gun to glue each little piece on the top of the table.  It takes a while to do this, but it’s a great project to do when you’re watching TV!  Then she went back over the table with her hand to remove all of the strings from the glue residue.  In no time at all she created a wonderful piece of furniture at a total cost of $16…you can’t beat that!

Watch the step by step tutorial and make one of these glamorous tables for yourself too!

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