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Red Wine Spill On Your Favorite Top On New Years? She Tries 3 Things To Remove It!

I think all of us have spilled red wine on our clothes at some time in our life…some of us more than others! Or, you may have spilled it on another prized possession, like a beautiful table cloth…

Whether at a wine-tasting or your neighbor’s dinner party, if there’s red wine, it will end up on someone’s clothing or tablecloth. The key to removing red wine stains is acting quickly – the stain will be much easier to remove while it is still wet.

It’s very important to BLOT throughout this entire process DO NOT SCRUB. Working from the outside of the stain towards the center will keep the stain from spreading.

The fabulous Domestic Geek, with Coral TV, does a test on 3 products that has been said to remove red wine from fabric. Do all of them work?Which one’s do you think work? She says “whatever you do, don’t use bar soap or it might make the stain harder to remove”.

Home Lab: Removing Red Wine Stains

Solution #1:  Club Soda

Solution #2:  Salt

Solution #3:  White Wine

She tries them all and waits 5 minutes.

Do they all work? Watch the Domestic Geek’s step by step tutorial and you will find out the answer to this question!



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