Repurpose a Dresser Into A Fabulous Entryway Bench!

Looking for something functional and fabulous to put in your entryway?  This is such a cool idea!  And to think that I was getting ready to take an old dresser to the thrift store! This allows for extra storage and a place to sit!  I just love my repurposed entryway bench and the old dresser now has a new life!  Don’t you feel good when you give something you were going to throw away a new purpose? I know I sure do!

Wait till my friends see this…they’re gonna want to do this too!  I put a really bright colored pillow in the seat of my bench and it is so stunning!  I decided to store sweaters in the drawers of this bench/dresser.  We can all use some extra space!

Watch this step by step tutorial and you can do the same thing!  SHARE this with your friends on Facebook so they can do the same!

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