Repurpose Your Rake Into This Adorable Storage Rack For Free

Do you have an old rake you’re just dying to throw out? Don’t! You can use it to make a wall hanging that holds anything you want, and it looks so cool in any rustic style room.

You can either remove the rake handle as a whole, paint the head, and hang it up, or use the majority of the rake in your hanging by cutting, sanding, and painting the handle as well.

Regardless of what style you choose, both look incredible and hold a ton of things up on the wall. It’s storage and decoration in one!

Getting this wall hang takes next to no time and is finished in just 5 steps:

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You’re going to want to do one of two things, depending on the finished look you desire: Either remove the handle completely, or cut it at a 45 degree angle for a more polished look.

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Next, you’ll drill a hole wherever you want the actual rake to hang from.

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You’ll want to sand down the base of the handle to smooth it out and remove any rust or imperfections.

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Net, you’ll want to paint the rake. You can choose to simply paint the handle, the base of the handle, the head itself, or you can paint the entire thing. The creative control is really yours.

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Finally, you’ll want to drill your rake on to the wall or find another way to hang it up. Once it’s up and sturdy, you can hang whatever you want on the rake.

Some good options are kitchen utensils, wine glasses, or even jewelry. The possibilities are endless!

This is one of the most unique DIYs I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to give it a shot. I know it’s going to make my kitchen look so cool, and if you decide to make this, it’ll look awesome wherever you put it!

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