Repurposing Old Dresser Drawers Into Beautiful & Useful Shelves

Do you just get rid of old dressers?  This is a great idea for giving the drawers a new and unique purpose!  Can we say vintage revival?  There are so many amazing ideas out there for repurposing old dresser drawers. I’m in awe!  I’ve seen dog beds, ottomans,s spice racks, drawers with rollers on them and the list goes on and on!  I think I’m gonna be busy for the rest of my life!  There’s absolutely no reason to ever be bored.  My mind goes into overload when I start looking online for repurposing projects!

I made a book shelf out of an old dresser drawer because I have so many books and no place to put them.  I’m gonna use the other drawers to make a shelf to hold all of my paints…I have a bazillion, so I’ll probably have to use the rest of the drawers that are in the dresser!

Watch the video to see how to make a shelf out of your old dresser drawers!

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