Salvage Your Old Jeans And Get That Ripped Distressed Look!

Do you believe that the ripped jeans are so expensive?  I’ve seen them priced around $200-$300!   They are all the rage now! Here’s your solution!  You won’t have to pay a fortune to get yourself a pair because I’m gonna tell you how!  If you have some old jeans they will be perfect for this project.  A few times when I’ve worn mine, some crack pot man makes a comment like “can’t you afford to buy a pair of jeans without holes in them?”  What do men know?  They don’t follow women’s fashions (or young people’s either)!  These are the “in” thing right now and I’m not a spring chicken, but I’ve got 3-4 pairs!  I love mine, especially in the Texas heat, they give you some air vents!  These look great with t-shirts or wear a dressy shirt if you want to…you can’t go wrong!

I just recently “bought” a white pair of ripped jeans…before I saw this tutorial …and they ripped in the wrong direction around the knee, so I sewed it with clear thread and then I put X’s with hot pink embroidery floss around the zipper and on a part where it ripped horizontally.  They look even cuter than they did before I had to fix them!  Ya never know what an accident can create!   A friend of mine was wearing a pair that were ripped diagonally.  I shared with her what I had done to fix mine and I told her I’d fix hers.  She picked a color of embroidery thread and I fixed them.  She couldn’t wait to wear them and liked them better than before they were fixed!

Watch this step by step tutorial so that you can have a pair of these fabulous ripped jeans!  All you need is a pair of old jeans, fabric scissors, a pair of tweezers and something to draw all the lines, on the jeans, where you want them ripped.

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