Thursday, December 7

Save Money Making This Home Decor Item That Normally Costs A Fortune To Buy

Get custom window treatments on a budget by turning mini blinds into pretty Roman shades!

One of the most forbidding tasks I’ve come across after renovating our home has been finding proper window coverings. From the tedious task of picking out fabric from a collection of mediocre choices to the astronomical cost of a custom order, it’s no wonder countless windows have remained bare and uncovered for nearly a year since we moved in.

Privacy is not an issue since we live in such a quiet neighborhood but the addition of texture, pattern and color has been needed for far too long.  I knew I had to try my hand at making my own Roman shades.

Before I scare you away completely, I encourage you to watch the step by step tutorial. It’s really not as difficult as it seems – it’s just a mindful process.

Originally, I wanted white wooden blinds (not faux wooden blinds), for a cottage look in my home, but quickly changed my mind when I found out how much they were going to cost!

Then I had the bedroom to figure out and as you know our bedrooms are supposed to be our personal sanctuary, where we can relax and unwind. But sometimes the harshness of those white blinds just sticks out like a sore thumb.

I wanted something softer and more inviting. It always feels great when you have your mind set on how you want something to look and then it all comes together.

Watch how this gal with Better Homes and Gardens does this in her step by step tutorial.


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