Thursday, December 7

Save Your Stained Fabric Furniture And Make It New Again!

Did you know that you can paint on that fabric furniture that you are getting ready to throw away?  My daughter had a lovely chair that is so stylish, but her children has ruined it by sitting at the computer in it.  Of course, it was white!  I saw this tutorial on how to repurpose fabric furniture and had no idea that you could actually paint it!  Well, I got busy doing this for her, because I simply could not stand seeing it sitting in her home!  It turned out fabulous and she’s really happy with the way it looks…I’m her hero now!

I just love the way the ottoman has been transformed in the video.  The colored stones add such a touch of uniqueness!  I’m gonna have to do this next!  My head is spinning with so many amazing craft projects!

Check out the following tutorial and see how easy this is to do!

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