Say Hello To Spring and Summer with This Birdcage Candle Holder

I have a lot of candles. To some it may be a bit excessive, but in my opinion you can never have too many candles. If you’re like me and have a candle addiction, you can also never have too many candle holders.

I came across the cutest candle holder made from dollar store items, and it livens up any room. It’s great as spring time decor and gives any room a peaceful and quaint look. You can spray paint it any color to match your decor, use any flowers or other decor to glue to the base, and make it entirely your own!

Tawnyah with The Magnolia Housewife makes this adorable DIY with just a few items from the dollar store: a mini birdcage, a couple of candle sticks, some flowers, paint, and hot glue. Once it’s done, she inserts an LED candle.

To build it, all she does is spray paint all of the parts to make sure they match, then glues the candle holders together so the bases are on each end. Then she glues on the birdcage, adds the flowers, and boom, she’s done.

I think these would look super cute in my kitchen and I’m planning on making a few to display.

Where are you going to put yours and how are you going to customize them? Be sure to show us in the comments and share this super cute candle holder with your friends!

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