Saying I Was Shocked Is An Understatement, After Seeing What She Made With These Bottles!

It’s amazing what people are making by recycling bottles these days. This particular DIY project absolutely blew my mind. Who thinks of this stuff? I guess necessity is the mother of invention, right? I must say that I’m the world’s best improvisor, but never would I have thought to do this!

There are many creative ways to re-purpose plastic bottles into some useful household items. You can even use them to make basic furniture! Here is an amazing DIY project to make a simple ottoman from plastic bottles.

With a little bit of creativity and patience, we can make useful stuffs with something that we are going to discard. This ottoman is not fancy at all, but it’s something you can make with recycled plastic bottles. Although, if you use a great fabric, it can look pretty darned nice… a lot nicer than the one that is shown in this tutorial.

It’s amazing the reaction you’ll get from your friends, after making one of these, then telling them what’s inside! Making this ottoman is worth it just to see people’s reaction!

My daughter made one of these for her room…she was so fascinated by the fact that it was made with recycled plastic bottles that she couldn’t not do it. She got a lot of mileage out of telling her friends what she made it out of!

Watch how Morena does this in her step by step tutorial and if you’re in need of an ottoman, this might be your answer!



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